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 Alley Cat


Alley Cat

Black moonlight shadows

Dancing On her back

As to the amber night

And the light

Of coal-black skies

She prowls amd sighs

To domestic pull

And silent speak

She reaches out in vain to meet

The footprints left beneath her feet

As beggars sleep their broken dreams

An owl flight-feathered

Breaks the seam as

Alley Cat meets her man


A cat howl

A haunting sound

On the concrete path

Now cracked

And falling down

Weaving webs

That map the alley ways

Of her days

Where patchwork quilts of christmas lights

Horizon bent and out of sight

Expose the door that was never really open


Her lofty cries echo in mute reply

To those inside

Their  beds of pinks and reds

To gentle sway of nodding heads

She howls

To a memory where

Instinct held her

Lying in a lap of fire

Crackling to embers that licked higher and higher

To the glint of an eye and back again

To the cupboard of love she would seek again

Her voice she lends to

A kitten purr

Cat-back rising as

Heaving with pleasure

The hand of a man

Explored at leisure

The warm crevices of her twisting body

A feline cradled

Rocking arms encompassing her warmth

Gently stroking back and forth

Her head

Her neck

Her face


The sound of the closing door

Alley Cat

Draws her nails across his back


She lifts her head

From the bed of memories

The empty street

And how it used to be

Where furtively

Her shadow ran

To splash of light

And back again

Concealed by the darkness

Of the Nightingale song

On rain dashed pavements

That would soon be gone


Alley Cat had a memory

Black moonlight shadows

Dancing on her back

She would remember it



Suzanne James



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